Blog about the advantages of digitising your restaurant

We are immersed in a digital revolution, mobile applications, social networks, are growing like mushrooms and the catering sector is no different. From our phone we can access hundreds of businesses to place an order at home. The digitalisation of the restaurants does not end there, discover how with our management software you can manage orders for be delivered at home or for be picked up at your business, how customers sitting at their table and from their mobile phone place an order or extend it thanks to the digital menu, call a waiter, ask for the bill, etc. We also offer you the possibility of automating and managing all the tasks of your restaurant, controlling the stock and table reservations in your establishment, the timekeeping of employees. Guide yourself with the generated reports numbers that will inform you about the daily invoicing, the most successful dishes, the clients' affluence schedule and much more. Browse through the following sections to discover how you can digitise your restaurant with our management software.