POS Restaurant

With the help of a restaurant POS you will be able to place your business on the cusp of the digital age. If you consider that your restaurant, bar or cafeteria is not yet in the new technological trends, then it is time to start automating all the processes that make your management complicated.

Here, in this article, we open the doors to a world of possibilities with the implementation of an easy-to-use application, which does not require the purchase of any additional device, but rather those that you have at your disposal.

Catering POS What does it mean?

The meaning of the acronym POS is Point of Sale Terminal and it consists of a device that manages the different sales activities to the customers of a given shop.

The word restaurant implies a series of services, businesses or premises that provide accommodation and/or meals to the general public.

What is the purpose of a POS software for the restaurant industry?

It is a software that gives you the opportunity to adapt your restaurant, bar or cafeteria to a support technology to optimize its sales.

This allows you to make the customer happy, because the service is faster and of better quality by the restaurant employees.

You improve all the management that before were manual, because now they are digitized, like, for example: commands in kitchen, room tasks, to have control of inventory, among others.

The information that you handle through a POS software for the restaurant industry is so optimal that it allows you to make accurate decisions regarding your business.

In this same order of ideas, among the indicators, you could observe in which shift a certain dish of food is sold more or where your income comes from.

It is unquestionable that you cannot continue to refuse to digitise your business. By simply configuring software and adapting your hardware at an affordable price, you can obtain multiple advantages.

Among the virtues, you will have a satisfied customer who will come back to you for the excellent service of your restaurant.

Benefits of the POS software for the restaurant industry

The advantages of changing your manual processes for technological ones lies in the speed with which you obtain the best results, let's see in detail what they are:

Automating manual procedures

With a POS system for the restaurant industry, you will be able to facilitate the manual processes of your business and digitise common or daily tasks.

Order directly from the kitchen

With a restaurant POS software you can send the commands directly to the kitchen area, thus avoiding the transfer from the order area.

With this command, you will have all the necessary information, the different dishes, the table, the time of creation, etc.

This process saves you time in moving around and, moreover, something very common, you avoid losing the order.

Staff control with POS software for the restaurant industry

By means of the profile configuration for each user, you can identify the shift that corresponds to each employee, which are their functions and assign new tasks, in case it is required at a certain moment.

With this option offered by the software, you will be more efficient with the management of the assigned staff and you can supervise them from any part of the restaurant or outside it.

Recognition of your brand

With the restaurant POS software you will have your personalised ticket when you generate the account, indicating the restaurant's details so that you can be contacted easily.

To your regular customers, you can offer special discounts or include a reminder such as a birthday in the reservations, this supports you to make the customer remember you and be faithful to your brand.

People who are well served already have a good disposition towards the business, just by reinforcing these attitudes you will make your restaurant, bar or cafeteria different from the rest.

Specific control reports

The POS software offers you the possibility to have control over the goods you have in stock and to know easily which supplier you can count on to replace them.

You can create reports for each of the configured products. This minimises costs, as you have real information about the products available in stock.

But wait, you don't just get the reports mentioned above. You also have detailed information for each employee, according to the parameter you want to filter, either by date, time or differentiating between entries and exits to know the signings of your employees.

In this way, your restaurant gets the necessary organization to operate effectively.

Variety of functions in your Catering POS Software

The POS applications can follow a modular structure, that is, you can expand them thanks to additional modules with specific functions, among which could be, stock control, employees' time management, detailed reports to guide your business, booking management in the premises, etc.

Data protection

The information that is processed in a restaurant POS software is sensitive, firstly the customer data and on the other hand the business finances.

It is important that this information is stored in a safe place, such as in the cloud, to avoid theft of our devices.

Backup copies should be made so as not to lose our business information in the event of a cyber attack by a hacker or a possible incident that damages the original data source.

At the same time, in our business we must have a security box to store cash payments, it generates totally confidential security boxes.

Digital menu in the restaurant POS

To please your guests, you can offer them a digital menu. For example, in our POS Software, they can order from their table with their mobile phone, they also have the possibility of placing orders at home or for collection at the premises thanks to the digital menu.

Another possible improvement, is to include the possibility of making the payment by the customer himself from his Smartphone and thus improve response times, streamlining the workflow and freeing our employees from that task.

Real-time business control

As the owner of the restaurant, it is important to be informed of everything that happens in your premises and, if possible, to access this data from wherever you are.

In our POS Software, for example, from your mobile phone you can obtain information such as: how many tables are occupied, which of your employees are working at the moment, the tables that are being served, the waiting times between each order and other important data.

Intuitive use

Having an application with a multitude of functionalities is very important, but it is equally important that it is intuitive and easy to use. A clear and simple interface in our restaurant POS Software will help our employees to quickly become familiar with its operation.

With this amount of benefits available to you and you will be able to make life easier in your business, you can create a unique and satisfactory space for your customers to have the opportunity to taste their orders in a pleasant environment.

Why should I digitize my business?

There are many benefits that you can obtain in your business with a POS software, some of the advantages of digitizing your business and automating daily tasks are

Increased productivity

Implementing technology in your business helps you make good decisions, because you have all the data of your business. You know what to promote and at what time.

Your restaurant's information is ordered, ready to be used when you need it, and you will have all the data at your fingertips.

Increased productivity, by automating many repetitive tasks.

You will be able to give more accurate guidelines by having a better knowledge of your business

Improve the performance of your staff

With a digitised system provided by a POS Software for the restaurant industry, you can work in a more organised, aligned and precise way. Everyone has their role and knows at all times the tasks to be performed.

With a task system like the one offered by our POS Software you can know at all times the tasks that are pending in your business, when they were created and assign them to your employees for their completion

You will know at all times and from any location what tasks are pending in your business as all the information is stored in the cloud and is accessible to all devices.

You will be able to plan your schedule with greater precision by having a history of the hours worked by your staff. Employee rotations will be simpler to facilitate their rest

Creates links between customers and the restaurant

A digitised business with a POS Software for the restaurant industry and supported by social networks, allows the customer to be in touch with his favourite site.

This is a direct contribution to the customer service, who can give their opinion about the good service received or contribute ideas to improve it.

Create promotions to reward loyal customers, this will make the user feel that he is an exclusive customer.

Refresh the brand and the presence in the cloud

Communication by means of digital strategies, humanizes your account and establishes a direct interaction between the restaurant and the customer.

This allows you to give a new image of your brand and establish an excellent digital opportunity.

Generate visits to your website

It is ideal that together with the support of a POS Software for the hotel industry, you have a corporate website, this will be your digital identity and your business card for internet customers.

This will be your digital identity and your business card for internet customers. On this page your current and potential customers will arrive, this allows you to shine in the world of technology and will help you to have more presence for users.

Consumers, can look for your menu of the day. The story of why a particular dish is being cooked, photos of the presentation of your meals, location, opening hours, whether you offer home delivery or collection, etc.

One page is your space to detail the entire journey with your company and make the customer part of that adventure.

You can't forget that the traffic generated by a website is an engine to achieve income and brand image and you should always keep this in mind when you are working on the development of this website. It's not just any website and we must take care of every detail as we do in our physical business.

Increased competitiveness

Interaction and communication through the Internet is done in a massive way, adding your business to this digital trend projects it towards new ideas that evolve your brand.

The success of a good presence on the internet does not require a large outlay simply of clear and well executed ideas.

With specific objectives, such as providing an excellent service by means of digital POS software, it shows that your restaurant cares about the customer's experience, whether in the restaurant or in their residence, and this is something that customers value.

Always think about creating simple ideas, that have an impact, but above all that can be fulfilled, let's go step by step before embarking on the next great adventure.

What POS software can I use in the restaurant industry?

There are many POS options for the restaurant industry that you can use. You should always study the one that suits your needs, some important points to cover would be

  • Automated tasks that are distributed among the employees in a precise manner
  • Cloud connections so that it is not dependent on physical devices and is accessible via the internet
  • An easily accessible digital menu, without having to download extra applications and understandable for people with different technological backgrounds
  • Convenience for the customer, who can manage orders from his home or on the premises.
  • Fast management for our employees, such as generating commands from mobile devices.
  • Usage fees, that fit your pockets and have access to a trial version.
  • No downloads of additional applications, this saves you time.
  • That the customer can make payments via their Smartphone.
  • Clear cost structure including reports from suppliers, available goods, updated costs.
  • Shift control of assigned staff with a history to see who worked on a given day.
  • Access to the system from any location.
  • Management of reservations for diners.
  • That allows to generate menus and/or personalized sections
  • That the menus can be modified in a simple way, to replace for example a dish from the menu that has been sold out.
  • Creation of real time reports such as: What dishes have been sold in the month? How many customers do you serve daily, weekly, monthly, annually? Income generated, etc.

Conclusions of using a POS software for the restaurant industry

You can reach the top and enter the digital era with specialised software such as Bliscop, which you can consult on our website.

This application adapts to the requirements established in your restaurant, bar or cafeteria. No matter the size of the premises, the important thing is where you want to go with your digitalisation project.

This platform will facilitate and create dynamism in your sales, integrating them with the complete administration of your company.

The restaurant POS is recreated with a design based on proactivity and productivity.

Encourage your work and that of all the people who make up your business thanks to digital innovation.

You can consult the following video if you need more information about all the advantages that a POS Software for the restaurant industry can offer you: