Management Software with Digital Menu for Restaurants

In the midst of the digital revolution, catering sector is not lagging behind, whether it is the COVID that causes it or the desire to give another touch to our business, many restaurants, bars or coffee shops are adopting the option of digitising their menus in order to offer a eMenu, visible on any device and accessible not only from the establishment, which offers new business channels such as home orders or orders to be picked up at the restaurant.

One of the solutions adopted is the use of a QR code that is placed on the tables to be scanned, which gives us access to the restaurant's digital menu. Although this seems to be a very novel technology that emerged in 1994 as an alternative to the bar code, we have traditionally seen them at airports or at the entrances to stadiums and other types of events, but they are now present in many restaurants. In my opinion, although it is a very good option, it may not be the best since in some cases, due to the fact that there are people who do not know what it is or do not know how to scan it, in many cases we will have to have an exclusive application to read the QR code, this can also be damaged, making it impossible to read it, etc. In our management software, we offer an alternative, which is to enter a code from the search engine, as if it were a google search and which takes us directly to the digital menu of our restaurant, easy, simple and for the whole family.

The fact of having a digital menu opens up a huge range of possibilities, it can be consulted from outside our restaurant, which will allow us to manage orders at home or to be picked up from the premises and this is a new way of income, especially in businesses that do not have much space to place tables. We do not limit ourselves to offering a simple digital menu that can be consulted by the client, we go further and have made this digital menu interactive, that is, the client will be able to indicate the dishes that they want and mark them from their mobile phone. We will not need to attend to you in person to take your order, which benefits us as the staff can take over other tasks for you and reduces errors when ordering, as it is the customer himself who makes the order. For the diner it is also positive since we have all been seated at that table located in the distance behind a pot and it seems that we do not exist for the waiters, which is very uncomfortable because the customer must be aware of finding a waiter and the feeling that he will get is that there is a bad organization, but with our management software we will be able to access the digital menu at all times and order very easily, as well as extend this order, which means that the customer will consume more. But it does not end there, the customer from his mobile phone can indicate, for example, that he needs a fork or ask for the bill. The order will appear instantly in the kitchen so that it can be prepared. In the same way, when they finish, we can indicate to the waiters that they can serve them at the corresponding table. All these tasks are managed by the management software and distributed among the waiters who are assigned to that table according to their workload. Discover the advantages of digitalising your business with our management software on this website.

On the digital menu, we can also more easily indicate a detailed description of the dishes, alerting the customer to possible food allergens. At the end of the order from the digital menu the client will be able to rate the dishes, this will allow us to know the opinion that the diners have and improve the weak points of our digital menu.

As it is not necessary to print out physical copies and we are the ones who configure the digital menu, we can easily modify it at any time. If we have run out of a dish on the daily menu, we can edit the menu to remove it or replace it with an alternative. If a dish is very successful it is a good idea to increase its price slightly to obtain more profit and in the same way if the expiry date of a product is approaching, we can temporarily reduce its price on our digital menu to give it an outlet.

Advertising the code of your restaurant is very easy, you can do it in social networks, for example, so that people have access to your digital menu and can place orders at home or to be picked up. Don't be left behind, stay competitive thanks to all the advantages that our management software offers you to digitize your restaurant.

Our management software also allows you to automatically control the stock, a time management to perform the employees' hours, numerous graphic reports that will show you the performance of your business and much more. Don't hesitate and digitize your restaurant with Bliscop.