Management Software to Control the Stock in Restaurants

When managing a restaurant, having good control of the stock is one of the most important points. We should pay special attention since a bad control of the stock can cause a deficit of income of up to 12% and we do not set up a business to lose money, right? That is why we are going to give you some advice that can help you to organize your restaurant.

Your staff must be aware of the importance of the product, since in a restaurant that works with food, these are the basis. Customers come to eat and we cannot present them with a product that is unpleasant to look at or taste. Therefore the staff must be correctly trained to follow correct working guidelines.

We have to be aware of the space we have in our restaurant in order to control the stock. If we are just starting out, it is better to fall short at the beginning and have to offer the customer another alternative than having to throw away product because it has exceeded the expiry date. With time we will adjust the quantities correctly and we will learn from our mistakes until we find the key.

The distribution of the products is important in the control of the stock, these cannot be piled up in any way. We must avoid that the food is in contact with the ground and the waste, we will group them by typologies, fresh, perishable, precooked, durable, etc. When placing them on the shelves we will do so by placing the heavier ones at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top so that it is easier for us to interact with them and avoid possible accidents among workers. The products must be correctly packed and labelled, and the type of product and its expiry date must be recognisable. When controlling the stock in our restaurant it is also important that all products are accessible to reach them correctly and the room must have adequate lighting. We will place the products that are closest to their expiry date more easily, when they are of the same type, as we must prioritise them over those that have a later expiry period so when we receive the new ones we must not cover the old ones with these, remembering that the first thing to get in must be the first thing to get out.

We must control the stock in an exhaustive way, it is not worth doing it at the end of the day or between services, we must know at all times how much product we have so as not to run out of stock in our restaurant. We have to be proactive instead of reacting when we have already run out of product. Controlling the stock will be complicated and take a long time, so it is convenient to rely on some tool such as our management software, which will help you to digitize your restaurant, and tasks such as stock control will be done automatically. When the customer orders a dish, our software will instantly discount the associated products and you will be able to control at any time from any mobile phone, tablet or computer and in any location the stock available in your restaurant. Besides controlling the stock easily and saving time and money, you will be able to associate each product with its corresponding supplier which will allow us to contact him and have a constant replenishment of the available inventory.

Our management software also offers you a digital menu for your restaurant, a time control for the employees , many graphic reports hat will show you the performance of your business and much more. Don't hesitate and digitize your restaurant with Bliscop.