Management Software to Digitalize your Restaurant

We have entered the digital decade, every day we have more and more applications available on our mobile phones, so many times we have trouble finding the one we want, lost in a sea of icons. It is no longer necessary to go to the supermarket to do the shopping, or go to a clothing shop if we want to buy a shirt to wear at dinner tonight. Thanks to the internet era a huge range of possibilities has opened up to us and the catering sector is no different, now there is the possibility of ordering dinner in many places without getting up from the sofa while the delivery man does the physical exercise with our order on his bike.

Thanks to our management software for restaurants, we give you the opportunity to digitise your business so that you don't get left behind and remain competitive. We have all been eating in a restaurant and we have had the bad luck to be sitting at the last table, behind that column where we don't even exist for the waiters. Well, you should know that our management software will solve this problem in your restaurant. Now the customer can order from his table without the need to be attended to by his mobile phone thanks to the digital menu included in the application. The client will not get a bad image of your restaurant, it will not seem that it is badly managed and nobody attends to it, but they will be able to continue chatting at their table about what a nice place it is and how well they are going to eat. Moreover, the fact that the client has ordered from his telephone will save the waiter from having to wait at that table because he does not have to take the menu or take notes of the orders and not only that, now the client will not be able to reproach you for having made a mistake by taking notes since the responsibility falls on him when he places the order from the digital menu.

The role of our management software does not end there, once the order has been placed it is notified in three sections so that all the personnel of your digitalised business are aware of it, the management section so that the person in charge can modify the order if necessary, in the kitchen so that the preparation of the dishes can begin and the waiter or waiters who are assigned to that table so that they can bring the drinks.

Our management software follows a workflow based on a Kanban model, if you don't know the term, it is a system that groups tasks according to their status, i.e. pending, in progress, completed, etc. So in your digitalised restaurant, the manager will know at all times what tasks are pending, how long ago they were requested and who is carrying them out. Our management software is very clever and assigns the tasks to the employee according to the table they have been assigned, if they have one and the workload they have, i.e. if we have two employees to cover the terrace and one of them has a task pending while the other two, if a task comes in to take a dish to a table on the terrace, this will be assigned to the employee who manages these tables and who only has one task, so that now they both have two and there will be no dispute over who has to do what.

The customer will be able to continue interacting with his phone, for example, he will be able to indicate from his phone that he needs a fork or request the account. You can also extend your order thanks to the digital menu available at all times. This is very managementitive, having the possibility of ordering with great ease at all times, will make you not hesitate to order that beer that you might not have ordered before because you are not looking for a waiter, which will mean more income in our digital restaurant. All these actions generate new tasks that enter into our management software to be managed, they will also come from the kitchen when a dish is cooked to be taken to the table or the person in charge himself can enter a task so that, for example, an inventory is made assigning it to the person he considers and indicating a priority for its realization.

Yes, I know, it seems a bit complex at first, but the benefits of digitizing your restaurant are enormous. Tasks are distributed equally, you save on travel by our staff, errors are avoided when taking the order or taking the commands to the kitchen. Now these arrive instantly in the kitchen as soon as the client requests it so that he can start preparing them, we don't have to wait for the waiter to bring us the order or decipher the hieroglyphics that he has for letters that we don't understand nor what has to be cooked, the orders will also be stored and we will know when they were created to establish priorities.

There is still much more, our management software will also allow us to manage the table reservation in our digitalized restaurant, yes, get rid of that notebook where you write down all the reservations, now you can manage the reservations from your phone without even being in the premises. The management software also controls the employee's record, so you will know the schedules they have done any day. You can control the stock, this is automatically discounted with each order placed and there is the possibility of relating each product with its supplier so that it is easier for you to contact them. Obtain the graphic reports to guide your business since our management software has a report section that will show us the invoicing, the most demanded dishes, the benefits generated by the orders at home or for collection since thanks to the digital menu configurable for your restaurant you can start managing orders to be consumed in the premises as well as to be picked up or delivered at home.

You have no excuse anymore, enter the digital era with our management software for restaurant. Stay competitive, don't get left behind and save costs thanks to the management optimization that Bliscop offers you.