Management Software with time Registration for Restaurants

Restaurants, bars or coffee shops often have complicated employee timekeeping, because they do not have access control systems to control the flow of employees, nor do they have cards with a clocking system or similar. Because of this it can be difficult to keep track of the times that workers have been working, the days they have been on holiday or the holidays they have been working on.

Our management software for restaurants will make this task easier for you, since among many other things, the application will be able to record employee timekeeping. To do this is as simple as clicking to register the entry and another to do the same at the exit, as simple as that. We can do it from any mobile phone, tablet or computer which will reflect the exact time of the check-in. In the same way we will be able to access to a history of the time records to know exactly what day each employee has worked, we will rely on the available filters that will allow us to search by day, employee or differentiate between check-in and check-out which will allow us to plan shifts for employees in a simple way and facilitate the rotation of workers so that they are fresh and rested when performing their duties.

You can consult from your mobile phone if you wish and in any location which employees are currently working in your restaurant and know what time they have checked in and out.

Our management software for restaurants in addition to the time registration of employees, can offer much more, will allow you digitise your restaurant which will mean optimizing work processes by saving costs and improving efficiency, you will also be able to enjoy digital menu, a system to control the stock or a section with graphic reports where you will know in real time the results of your restaurant.