Management Software with Reports for Restaurants

If we have a restaurant, a bar or a coffee shop, part of our job as manager is to take note of everything that does not work as it should and look for possible alternatives that will solve our problem. Even if our restaurant is profitable, surely there is some point that we can continue to improve to be more efficient and to produce reports analysing these details will be what leads us to success. To give an example, it may be that in the kitchen they work very well, work fast and get out some well prepared dishes, but if they are not properly coordinated with the staff that wait on the tables, the dishes will wait to be served for quite some time and will arrive cold to the diner. These are the situations that we must improve to be more efficient and to be able to offer a good service.

There are numerous digital solutions that will help us manage our establishment, our management software is one of them, in addition to the numerous graphic reports that it offers, for the previous case, for example, digitalising your restaurant you will be able to notify from the kitchen when a dish is ready to be taken to the table, this generates a task that will be assigned and you will be able to see the waiter in charge of the table to which the dish has to be taken.

You will also be able to know in real time thanks to the graphic reports the status of your restaurant, check the billing you are doing today or any previous day, which will allow you to know if the implemented measures are paying off and you are getting more benefits and this you will be able to know from any mobile phone, tablet or computer and from any location. You may be meeting with a supplier, but from your mobile phone you will have access in real time to numerous graphic reports that will allow us to know the status of our restaurant. Also, you will have access to more detailed reports that will show you the amount of income that comes from a la carte orders versus menu orders, the dishes most demanded by your customers at the time of affluence of the diners, which will allow you to distribute the shifts more accurately to cover the demand. Thanks to the digital menu offered by our management software you will also be able to find out what customers think of your dishes, this will allow you to know which are more successful in order to promote them and those which are better modified so that they are more accepted. Another of the advantages of the digital menu is to be able to offer orders at home or to be picked up in our restaurant, the detailed reports will show us graphically the income generated in our establishment as well as those coming from home orders or to be picked up as well as the amount of each one.

Digitising your restaurant with our management software will also allow you control the stock, to make a time registration of the employees, management the table reservation in the establishment and much more. Don't hesitate to digitise your restaurant, bar or coffee shop to save costs and optimise your business to remain competitive.