POS software for bars, find out how it can help your business

For anyone who owns or manages a bar, or plans to do so, it is important to be aware of the fundamental aspects in the success or failure of a business like this. A key element is service, not only must it be of good quality, but it must also be fluid and efficient, trying to keep the thread of attention constant and reducing the number of errors, which not only harm the customer experience, but also affect the company's finances.

In order to achieve this important objective, it must be very clear that basic equipment is needed that is in line with the level of demand and the consumption pattern presented by the current mass of consumers. For this purpose, technology is available that advances in different directions; the administration and assistance of processes in hotel and catering businesses is one of them. On this occasion I will tell you a little about the software TPV for bars, its characteristics, importance and how it can help to improve and grow your business.

What is a POS software for bars?

In general, a POS software for bars is a computer program designed to function as a point of sale terminal (hence "POS"), while at the same time, it serves to manage everything related to sales, from taking the order to payment by the customer.

It is also possible to monitor and carry out different tasks that have to do with the rest of the elements involved in the operation of the bar. Basically, it is possible to have in the same (virtual) place everything that is needed for the optimal functioning of a bar and the provision of its services, while recording the detection of tasks and problems, which translates into an increase in the efficiency of our business, which will allow us to save costs and increase our profits.

Importance of using a POS software for bars

There is no doubt that the need for POS software for bars as part of a business has increased more and more as process automation has become part of people's normal lives over the years.

At first glance you might think that a POS software for bars is made specifically and only for waiters, cashiers and kitchen equipment; but, the reality is that this system has a very important utility for the management and other supervisors, with it is possible to monitor from the state and evolution of the inventory, to the quality of the procedures carried out by the work teams in their particular areas. A POS software for bars generates reports with detailed analysis on everything a manager needs to know to diagnose the state of the business he is in charge of.

Increases customer consumption

Bar customers are often significantly more comfortable with being able to order through a digital menu, without the need for direct interaction with an employee, as it is much more agile and we do not need to wait to be served. The information offered by a POS software for bars about the characteristics of drinks and snacks, their recommended combinations and even the opinions left by customers about each item within the specific menu, turns out to be of great interest to anyone new to the place or who does not visit it frequently.

This increased sense of comfort and personalisation in the ordering process has been shown to positively influence the increase in consumption per customer. By feeling more free to explore the menu and receiving more information about each product, people tend to ask for extra things over and above what they had planned because of the curiosity and need to try something new.

POS software for bars in the cloud or local?

In general, it is possible to acquire a POS software for bars in one of two ways, which are differentiated by the way in which it is stored and accessed to the database that it records. I will comment on them a little now, so that you have a better idea of which one could be more convenient for your business, according to your tastes and the needs of your administrative and work scheme.

POS in the cloud

As its name suggests, this kind of software works entirely through the cloud. This means that it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connected device if you have the appropriate access data. This means that you will be able to know in real time and from any location the status of your business.

This is a very useful possibility when you are in charge of more than one business or you work in several projects and it is not possible to go personally to the establishment every day. This way you can keep a minimum of daily control over what is happening in each one.

It is also useful when it comes to economizing in storage equipment, since it will be practically unnecessary to invest in this type of hardware, having a virtual storage.

Local POS

What characterises this type of POS is that it needs to be specifically installed on the hardware that will become the central equipment for the software and through which the information and configuration of the programme can be accessed.

For many, the advantage offered by this type of POS software is that they are safer before the possibility of manipulation and theft of information, thanks to the fact that the number of options for access is very reduced, since you need to access in person.

To acquire a program like this, you will normally have to pay only once for the installation and the license for the use of all its functions. Afterwards, the payments that will be made will probably be annual depending on the equipment that uses it and also to cover maintenance, regular technical service and the corresponding updates.

Advantages of a POS software for bars

Once you are clear about what a POS software for bars is, how important it is in automating the processes, as a consequence of the finances as well, and some other features, now it is time to tell you a few of the many advantages that this program offers you when you use it in the management and administration of a bar.

It is specifically designed

There are some programs dedicated to the management of commercial companies and their different processes, but, unlike them, a POS software for bars is specifically designed for the tasks of a bar or some similar establishment. What this means is that learning how to use it can be a somewhat intuitive process, which would be easy to learn by anyone with a minimum of experience in the hospitality industry.

For a business like a bar, it is very profitable to be able to reduce the time costs of training new staff, which translates into money savings, because in the hospitality industry it is normal to have a high turnover of employees.

Automated sales processes

There is no doubt that this is one of the most outstanding characteristics of a POS software for bars due to its great contribution to this type of process. Automating sales management means simplifying a complex process involving several people, which increases the possibility of error and the amount of time required to execute the process.

Reducing the time in which a customer is completely attended to means leaving more space for more customers to transit and consume in the bar, which is in line with the objective of maximising profits.

Manage the inventory

Accurate stock control can be vital to the success of a bar. A bar POS software allows you to record and keep updated information on the inventory of drinks and food used to produce the menu. With these programs a real time update is achieved, because it modifies the quantities as the orders are dispatched.

In addition, it is very practical to register the contact information of the suppliers, so that when it is necessary to re-supply some product, the procedure of notifying the corresponding supplier is much more efficient and with less possibility of errors that could mean important financial losses.


Las estadísticas e informes que genera un software TPV para bares es una función que representa un importante recurso para la gerencia y la toma de decisiones. Obtener información detallada de cómo se dan las ventas, su relación con el tiempo y los costes e ingresos que conllevan, es de gran valor para cualquier gerente que desee diagnosticar su negocio y determinar qué problemas debe resolver y qué logros debe reforzar para mejorar el rendimiento.

Gracias a esto, el diseño de planes se puede hacer con mejor precisión acorde a la realidad de la situación y con mayores probabilidades de éxito.

Aumentar la fidelidad de los clientes

Esta ventaja está relacionada con la anterior, la información estadística que se obtiene por parte de un software TPV para bares va un poco más allá de las ventas y la calidad del servicio, este programa también es capaz de registrar y almacenar datos del perfil de los clientes y sus patrones de consumo dentro del bar.

La utilidad de dicha información es la de desarrollar estrategias a partir de ella que logren aprovechar estos patrones para explotarlos, mientras que además se logran desarrollar mejores campañas y promociones que tienen el objetivo de atraer a nuevos clientes.

Nos ayuda en las finanzas

La forma en que este programa funciona como terminal de punto de venta para gestionar de forma integral todo el proceso de venta, brinda la posibilidad de reducir en gran medida las probabilidades de errores e inconvenientes que tengan que ver con el cuadre de la caja registradora.

Quien tenga el acceso a los datos que registra el software TPV para bares de tu empresa, podrá comparar la liquidez disponible con los ingresos obtenidos y así no perderse de ningún detalle de las finanzas de un negocio tan complejo como lo es un bar.

The statistics and reports generated by a POS software for bars is a function that represents an important resource for management and decision making. Obtaining detailed information on how sales occur, their relationship to time and the costs and revenues involved is of great value to any manager wishing to diagnose their business and determine what problems they need to solve and what achievements they need to reinforce to improve performance.

Thanks to this, the design of plans can be done with better precision according to the reality of the situation and with greater probability of success.

Increase customer loyalty

This advantage is related to the previous one, the statistical information obtained by a POS software for bars goes a little bit beyond sales and service quality, this program is also able to register and store data of the customers profile and their consumption patterns inside the bar.

The usefulness of this information is to develop strategies from it that manage to take advantage of these patterns to exploit them, while also managing to develop better campaigns and promotions that aim to attract new customers.

It helps us with finances

The way in which this program works as a point of sale terminal to manage the whole sales process in an integral way, offers the possibility of reducing to a great extent the probabilities of errors and inconveniences that have to do with the cash register.

Whoever has access to the data recorded by your company's POS software for bars will be able to compare the available liquidity with the income obtained and thus not miss any detail of the finances of a business as complex as a bar.

Facilitates personnel management

The objective is always to grow the business, but with this comes an increase in the number of employees and the task of keeping track of the quality of their work becomes more complex. With a POS software for bars you will be able to have centralized control over the management and registration of the work of each employee, from the moment they start until the end of their working day.

With this useful function you can not only identify problems in your team, but also recognize individually those who do an outstanding job and deserve to be rewarded, a good strategy to motivate others to improve.

Facilitates tax filing

This software registers and stores almost everything you need, we will know the daily income, being able to group them and consult the range of dates we want, which will greatly facilitate the task of declaring our benefits to the tax authorities.

It is ecological

Opting for a POS software for your bar, means stopping the use of a huge amount of cardboard and paper in the manufacture of notebooks, letters, sales reports and inventory, besides the possibility of not printing invoices, as long as the customer agrees to be sent electronically.

In conclusion, we strongly recommend the use of POS software in your bar, as it will make all the daily tasks carried out in your business easier and less tedious as well as greatly reducing the chances of error.