POS software for retailers

In the midst of the digital revolution, we offer you the opportunity to take a step forward, go further and implement new work methodologies in your business that will help you optimise your daily tasks. Thanks to our POS software, you will increase productivity, be more efficient and reduce the number of errors produced, which will translate into an increase in revenue. Don't get left behind and stay competitive thanks to all the advantages offered by our POS software.

Order management

Register your product catalogue, which will allow you to place orders quickly and easily. By simply entering the quantities requested, the POS software will calculate the price and allow you to print a ticket for you to give to the customer. At the end of the day you will be able to check the invoicing, see the origin of the payments, as well as being able to access a history where you will see the invoicing for any previous day and the details of all the orders placed.

User management

In your POS software you can create different profiles for your employees. These will access with their profile, which can have different permissions depending on whether they are a standard employee or an administrator of your business. Having several profiles allows you to separate the invoicing so that at the end of the day you can know the total invoicing and how much each employee or shop has invoiced if you have several businesses.

Stock control

Know in real time and from any location the inventory of your business. When a product is ordered, it is automatically deducted from the existing stock so we can know exactly how many products we have and act accordingly to never have a lack of inventory and not stop invoicing.

Business reports

It is very important to know the state of your business, to know your strong points to enhance them and also where you are failing to correct them. Thanks to our POS software you will have all this information available, at all times you will be able to know your turnover, which employees sell the most and which products are the most successful in your business and generate the most profit for you.