How to configure our Management Software for Restaurants

If you have any doubts about how the management software for the restaurant works, you can consult the videos in this section which will serve as a guide for setting up your restaurant. However, if you need more information you can contact us directly, you will find more information at the following link Contact.

Digitalize your restaurant

Digitise your restaurant with our management software and have total control over your business. When a customer places an order from our digital menu, it will automatically be notified in the management section, from where the tables and all the orders in progress are controlled. This will also be done in the kitchen, so that you can quickly start preparing the dishes. Finally it will do it to the staff, where the associated tasks will be created and distributed automatically among the employees according to their workload.

But our management software offers much more, it manages the reservation of tables in your establishment, the clocking in of employees, controls the stock of your inventory automatically, creates a personalised digital menu, obtains in real time and from any location the results of your restaurant, you will be able to know the income, the dishes that are most successful, the time of affluence of the clients and much more.

Ordering at Bliscop

Thanks to our digital menu, the client will be able to interact with our management software. He will be the one who places the order, so there is no possibility of error when our staff writes down the dishes. We can also offer our digital menu to manage home orders and pick up orders if we so wish. The customer will have it available at all times on his mobile phone to consult the products and extend the order, he will also have the option of calling a waiter, making any type of request, such as indicating that he needs a fork or requesting the bill.

To place an order from the main screen, you must enter the order code that we have indicated in the restaurant configuration tab, followed by a number, this indicates the table number from which the order is placed. In other words, if our code is "BarFran", the customer at table 5 will have to enter the code "BarFran5" or "barfran5".

Home delivery and Pick up orders

One of the many advantages available in our management software is the possibility of managing orders at home or to be picked up at our premises. To activate the option, we must go to the configuration section and mark the fields that indicate that we accept orders for pick up and make home deliveries. Once this has been done, the customer will have to enter the code followed by a 0, for example, if our code is "Bar Fran", the customer will have to enter "Bar Fran0" or "bar fran0". This will allow you to indicate whether it is a home delivery or a pick-up order. We can also indicate a time when we manage this type of order, so that outside this time the customer is not allowed to place orders at home or for pick up.

Once the order has been placed, in the "My Restaurant" section, we will see that an order appears to be validated. We will have to indicate an approximate preparation time, this will be seen by the customer, you will also receive an email to inform you that your order has been accepted or cancelled. Once accepted, the notification will appear in the kitchen indicating the dishes to be prepared. When the cooking is finished, the order can be closed.

Digital Menu

Our management software offers you the possibility of digitizing your restaurant's menu. This offers us numerous advantages, such as managing orders at home or to be picked up at the restaurant itself. We will have the possibility to adjust the price of the products instantly, for example, we can lower the price of a certain product to facilitate its sale if we see that it expires in a short time and in the same way we can increase slightly the price of that very successful product, we will manage to increase the benefits.

The digital menu is integrated with the application, so that when an order is placed it is notified instantly and the whole restaurant is aware of it, to start its preparation, take the drinks, discount from stock, etc. The customer will have the digital menu at all times and with the simplicity of placing an order will expand this more easily. The digital menu also shows us the allergens and a scoring system about the opinion that customers have about our dishes, which will give us information about which points we should reinforce.

To configure the digital menu, we will have to add the dishes to the sections that appear by default, these are "Bar" and "Kitchen", the first one for the products that are in the area of the bar, like bread, skewers, coffees, etc. In kitchen we indicate those dishes that have to be notified here for cooking. Once the products have been introduced, we create the sections, these can be of the "Bar" type, for these products, "Kitchen" for the dishes that require cooking or "Menu" which allows us to create a closed menu combining the two previous sections. For the latter we have to enter the price of the menu and if necessary some additional information.

Booking Management

Manage the table reservation in your restaurant from our management software. In a simple and intuitive way it registers in the application the date and hour of the reservation, the table, the number of guests, the telephone number and in the section notes the name of the guest and other indications such as that they need a high chair or it is a special event such as an anniversary.

You will be able to access the saved reservations in a simple way, thanks to the numerous filters available in the management software. Grouping the searches by table number, day or number of guests will make the organization much easier.

Employees' hours

Register the entry and exit of workers in our management software with a simple click. Register new employees by entering their email, username, password, user type and associated colour. If the employee is a waiter, he can be assigned a group of tables, for example, if we assign him the tables that go from 1 to 5, all the tasks associated with these tables will reach this employee, this way we can distribute the tables among the employees.

The employee will be able to access with his profile to make his check-in and check-out, as well as see the tasks he has been assigned to perform.


If you digitise your restaurant with our management software, you will be able to access a great deal of information thanks to which it will be much easier for us to run our restaurant. Find out the most successful dishes on your digital menu, the time of arrival of the clients, control cash flows, the origin of your income, improve the weaknesses of your restaurant with all the information collected.

From our management software you will be able to access all this information in a simple way and with numerous graphics that will help you interpret all the data and thus simplify the decision making process in order to increase profits. Know in real time and access from any location to all the records that we provide you with our management software.

Stock Control

Thanks to our management software you have the possibility of knowing in real time and from any device the stock available. When a customer places an order, the products associated with that order are automatically deducted from the inventory, which allows us to know our availability at the moment. This, combined with the possibility of modifying the digital menu at any time, will allow us to act accordingly.

From the inventory tab we will be adding the basic products of our inventory, such as potatoes, steaks, milk, etc. Clicking on "Configure Stock" we will see the dishes on our digital menu, now we will have to associate the products previously introduced with the dishes, for example, with the drink "Water" we will have to associate one unit of the product "Water", this way when ordering a bottle of water one unit is discounted. For more complex cases, such as a steak and potatoes, we will act in the same way, but in this case, for example, perhaps the portion is made up of two units of "steak" and one of "potato", so we will have to set it up like this.

Configure your Restaurant

In the restaurant data section we will enter the data of our restaurant. The field "order code" is especially important since it is the one that allows us to place the orders in our business. When placing an order through our management software, the customer must enter this code followed by a number. This number indicates the table where the order will go, for example, if the order code of our restaurant is "Bar Fran", at table 4 they will have to order with the code "Bar Fran4" or "bar fran4" so that the orders are assigned to this table.

In the configuration section, we also have other options that allow us to mark the option to validate the orders so that before entering the management software we are the ones who have to approve them. We also have the option to indicate if we make orders at home or to be picked up, these orders must always be validated, there is also the possibility of providing a schedule to indicate when we attend this type of order. Another of the options that our management software offers us is to be able to generate discounts for our restaurant. If a customer makes a minimum consumption and is registered in the application, a discount is generated that can be spent on your next visit. We have the possibility of indicating the expiry date of the discount, for which days it is valid or if it is applicable to menus.